Tasce present the 2020 carnival in conjunction with Omoluabi regime here are full video to watch on YouTube  and can also download it direct to your phone    . Here are some picture


With optimum sense of love and concern towards the welfare of students, I Adefesobi Ibrahim Oluwatob SUG PRESIDENT (ELECT) 2019/2020 Academic session on behalf of the Student Union Government (SUG) hereby welcome both new and returning students to our ever prestigious College (TASCE). The center of excellence. A place where legends are made. To the new students, this is indeed a new opening for you to bask in your dreams of excelling in life . Do not be carried away by your individual hankers, because they might be a ground bait that will lure you into swallowing the hook. To our returning students indeed we have come a long way . So, remain focused and determined. Success is ours to yarn in due course Once again, I welcome you all to the center of excellence for the 2019/2020 academic session . Have a blissful session. I remain my humble self, Adefesobi Ibrahim Oluwatob TASCESUG PRESIDENT.



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