Davido And Burna Boy Rivalry – Who Do You Think Has Benefitted More?

The Nigerian music industry has seen its share of rivalry down the ages till now.

Nigeria’s two leading pop-stars; Davido and Burna Boy have been going at each other’s throats in the past years, jousting for supremacy.

We aren’t gonna argue about this. These two artists are some of the most successful musicians Nigeria ever had not just in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole. And I’m not even capping about this.

This duo has written their names in the sand of time. And already have achievements to boast about.

They have worked hard to make Afrobeat a global genre and the world is listening to Afrobeat now.

They have also won numerous awards and received lots of nominations for their work, therefore, increasing their popularity globally.

They’ve worked hard to gain the recognition they have today but they can’t do this without the support from their fans.

Burna Boy and Davido command a very large fan-base in the industry and are anchored by their impressive talents and creative minds that have seen them produce entertaining and best-selling hit songs.

Recently, they were both reported fighting in a club in Ghana but video footage wasn’t released – Make me feel their beef is scripted.

Has Their Rivalry Benefited The Both Parties In Any Way?

Definitely, in many ways, it keeps them in the game. It’s relevant all the time. Literally, the rivalry benefited these two guys.

I see it as a strategy because it promotes them digitally, The digital table is a strong table for modern-day musicians you know.

Let’s not even be biased here, this beef is what makes the industry sweet. We just like violence in Nigeria. People talk about these artists every day especially the criticism from their fans.

Any drag or diss against any artist is a benefit to their pocket and fan-base.

No publicity is bad publicity.

The same people you see bashing Burna Boy or Davido will still be offline dancing to their jams.

Just as Burna might be Dancing to Davido’s song, Davido might also be doing such behind closed doors. Everybody is just catching cruise.

Don’t get it twisted, it’s just an opinion. My opinion might be different from yours. Everyone is entitled to believe what they think.

So, Guys, The Question here is between Davido And Burna Boy Rivalry, 👇

Who Do You Think Has Benefitted More?

Let’s have your say on this

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